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Making Art Together Brings Us Closer

The project named "Making Art Together Brings Us Closer" originates from two observations shared by four secondary schools in France, Romania, Italy and Lithuania:
- The current difficulties, political and symbolic of European integration
- The very rapid growth of the digital economy.
It was therefore decided by the partners
- To re-enchant the sense of common belonging to a place of incomparable cultural richness,
- And offer participants the massive use of means of creation and digital communication,
with the main motivation: create together.

The main objective of the project is twofold.
With artistic creation in transnational context, we invite participants to release their talents and energy, we promote the linguistic diversity of the Union and participate in awareness and dissemination of its intercultural dimension.
With the use of ICT we aim to improve the level of skills and competencies with a view enhanced versatility and employability.
The project's joint activities also improve
- Student autonomy
- Quality, innovation, excellence and internationalization at the institutional level. This strengthening of the international dimension of education and training course also goes by the significant improvement in participants' skills in foreign languages.

The participants, numbering about thirty in each facility to speak only of those directly and daily tasks- the core, are students from four high schools of general education with various characteristics.
Two high schools are countries from the recent enlargements of the Union, and the other two are from countries in Europe original six. The contrast between the four participants is a source of questions for all.
The activities are structured by four transnational planned trips (one per country) in which the main artistic creations will be performed:
painting and drawing France, ceramics and sculpture in Romania, listening and plastic arts in Italy and finally dance in Lithuania.
The shows and creations are prepared ahead of meetings by documentary research and exchanges between  activity  designers in different countries.
Activities, shows and work, are perpetuated by two films: a documentary report on the progress of the project and an animated film, "Looking for Erasmus -Plus Matbucus", as well as a collection, "the travel book of EPMatbuc "with texts, drawings and photos.
Regular columns are also broadcast.

To achieve its objectives, the project must be worn by motivated and competent teams. The first phase, which begins upstream is to establish these teams.
Then in terms of the method, after seizing the possibilities of creating the project, students with the support of resource persons, identify, create, exchange and share problems and proposals in preparation for the main activities that structure the work of mobility. The method is flexible and allows participants to free their imagination in the service of realistic goals.
Students work in groups, each focusing on a specific aspect of the project.
A group is specifically dedicated to local broadcast and publicize the project. Another, related to the previous one, handles the communication with the partner schools.

Several dissemination tools will be used: the project website and blog, Youtube or equivalent for video content, Wikipedia, TwinSpace for written content, social networks, libraries and documentation centers, youth centers.

The four common tasks on each trip,
- Organization
- Reports
- Dissemination
- Impact studies, are distributed among the partners.

The impacts
- More effective use of English
- A broader mind and more open European practice (with validation via the Europass portfolio)
- Greater confidence in transnational collaborations
- New skills - organizing, interviewing, use of ICT tools

And in the longer term:
- Create lasting ties with European partners to openthe way to students and adults for other types of transnational collaboration
- Strengthening communication networks within and outside each institution to increase its visibility
- Legitimacy to all members of the educational community practices related to non-formal and informal learning

- By artistic practice, increase the quality of life

2016 // MATBUC - Making Art Together Brings us Closer