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Mobilitate I - PORTUGALIA
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Program for November 11th to 15th, 2019

November 11th | Loulé Secondary School
10:00 Meeting at Loulé Secondary School Course and participant presentation
Meeting with the School Director
Coffee break
Portuguese Educational system, curriculum, grading and exams
Lunch at Loulé Secondary School canteen
School visiting tour
Meeting with the school deputy headmaster - School Administration

November 12th
Cultural visit: Sand Islands and Culatra
Lunch at local restaurant
Free Afternoon
Attending Pilate’s Class with Teacher Vítor Rebelo in Loulé Secondary School (Optional)

November 13th
Morning in Loulé; Afternoon in Faro.
10:00 Visiting other educational level schools (Agrupamento de Escolas Padre João Cabanita): observing infrastructures, resources and attending lessons; Interaction with other teachers.
12:30 Lunch at restaurant “Faz Gostos”, Faro
14:00 Using GPS guiding apps to explore educational trails: exploring Faro City.

November 14th | Loulé Secondary School
9:25 Lesson Observations (participant subject when possible) Lesson Observation (Special Education) 12:30 Lunch at Loulé Secondary School canteen  or local restaurant 14:20 Lesson Observations (participant subject when possible) 18:30 Attending Pilate’s Class with Teacher Vítor Rebelo in Loulé Secondary School (Optional)

November 15th | Loulé Secondary School
09:25 Lesson Observations (participant subject when possible)  Lunch at local restaurant “La Gioconda”, Loulé
Lesson Observation (participant subject when possible).
Course evaluation; Course Certificate and Europass delivery

Portugal and the portuguese educational system - click here
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