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The second disemination of our "MATBUC" project:
Meeting with parents
Liceul de Arte Vizuale "R. Ladea" // 26th January  2017
The first disemination of our "MATBUC " project:
Liceul de Arte Vizuale " R . Ladea",
Cluj-Napoca, 23 November 2016

Day 1, Pe urmele lui Cezzane, Muntele Saint Victoirre
Day 2, Ateliere Liceul International G. Duby

Day 3, Ateliere Liceul International G.Duby +Vizita Marseille,   Muzeul Artei Mediteraneene


Day 4, Ateliere  Liceul International G.Duby + Vizita Aix-on-Provence

Day 5, Vizita Marseille
2016 // MATBUC - Making Art Together Brings us Closer